Why Electronic Systems Training?

Electronic Systems are rapidly becoming a part of our day to day lives. With this growth, the demand for trained individuals to install, service, & repair has also grown. If you want to be part of this high-tech growth, trade-based Certifications such as ESPA and CEDIA are your first steps towards advancing your career. Hands-On Training at ProMedia helps you prepare for these Industry Certifications and achieve maximum results.

Career Opportunities

High-Tech careers are no longer “the future”, they are a reality today. The demand for qualified people to fill these roles is growing each day as more of our lives become incorporated with Electronic Systems. The wide variety of fields that depend on Electronic Systems Technicians include: Smart Home / Commercial Automation, Security Systems, Audio/Video, Lighting Controls, Telecommunication, HVAC, Health Care Technology, the list is endless. Industry Certification is your pathway to a career in this field.

Training: Hands On

Whether you’re looking to start a career in Electronic Systems, or are looking to process in your current career, Hands-On Training at ProMedia can help you gain the skills necessary to prepare for the ESPA or CEDIA Certification Tests. Our Instructors are award winning professionals that have years of experience designing, building, & retrofitting Electronic Systems. Let their years of knowledge help you understand the possibilities of our 21st century workforce.

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  • Smart Home Automation & Control
  • Commercial Audio, Video & Automation
  • Security, Surveillance & Access Control
  • Cables & Satellite TV, Telecommunication
  • Consumer Electronics Installation & Service

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